Please complete the form below to reserve your session. Our play charge is £3.50/person covering a 3 hours play time. You will be able to add guests for up to 12 people, above this number please contact us on . Please note uncompleted bookings will be deleted automatically.

For requesting a table tennis slot, you can add a note to your booking. It`s £3/half an hour to be paid on the day.

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You are now able to purchase a membership card instead of paying entry fee each time. Get in touch or purchase your card upon arrival!
– Membership card is valid for 3 months for £25
– You are entitled for free board gaming and table tennis sessions
– You`ll receive 10% off on drinks
– Request a table in a text message and we`ll book you in
– Join our special events for free!

Bring your loved one on Valentine`s day to a special date and enjoy hours of fun games, delicious cocktails and vegan food! Book your table online to secure your spot!