Please complete the form below to reserve your session. Our play charge is £3.50/person covering a 3 hours play time. You will be able to add guests for up to 12 people, above this number please contact us on . Please note uncompleted bookings will be ignored. For reserving a table tennis slot, you can add a note to your booking and pay on the day. It`s £3/half an hour.

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Dear guests, friends, locals! We are letting you know that our play charge is now £3.50 including the online service charge (20p) – we wave this cost to encourage everyone to make reservations through our online booking system. The change will help us to keep up with the rapid rise on costs and maintain smooth operation of the venue. We thank you for your continuous support and we really hope that our place will remain the local little gem for you as it has been in the last 5 years.


You are now able to purchase a membership card instead of paying entry fee each time. Get in touch or purchase your card upon arrival!
– Membership card is valid for 3 months for £25
– You are entitled for free board gaming and table tennis sessions
– You`ll receive 10% off on drinks
– Request a table in a text message and we`ll book you in
– Join our special events for free!

Bring your loved one on Valentine`s day to a special date and enjoy hours of fun games, delicious cocktails and vegan food! Book your table online to secure your spot!